Building Your Hospitality Business
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BITAC®® Events

BITAC®® provides a relaxed atmosphere for prominent executives in the hospitality industry to exchange ideas and information that is of instant value. This invitation only event brings together the top echelon of both purchasing decision-makers and suppliers while controlling the number of attendees to maximize everyone’s productivity and overall experience.
BITAC®® does not resemble a traditional conference, networking event, or trade show in any sense.

Relationships are key to any industry and any job and BITAC®® takes networking and relationship-building to the next level. Attendees are getting to know one another from the ice-breaker activity during the Opening Reception to the Farewell dinner. Attendees split into smaller groups based on their personal interest and set out in the afternoons on an activity they won’t soon forget (boating, sightseeing, golfing, competition, etc.)

The educational portion of the Conference includes Keynote speakers and interactive roundtables facilitated by prominent outside "thought-leaders" to help hone your leadership skills. BITAC®® provides a setting for you to share your experiences, gain insight from peers on the issues and challenges in today’s market, bring fresh ideas and take away cutting-edge information.

The one-on-one meetings portion of the Conference provides an intimate atmosphere for purchasing professionals and suppliers to sit down and discuss product needs and offering in an uninterrupted environment. Each meeting is just long enough to explore solutions and determine if future discussions will provide benefit. This fast paced environment allows attendees to accomplish more in 2+ days than they could in weeks’ or months’ worth of effort outside this unique forum.

The meals are an element all their own. Seven fantastic conference meals in total are served to the group, giving you more time to build lasting relevant, strategic, personal and professional relationships that cannot be done over email or phone. BITAC®® provides incredible opportunities to build knowledge and contacts.